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Reliable Tree Trimming Service in Fort Lauderdale

Large Tree Trimming Fort Lauderdale

Trees can add beauty and value to your home. But they require regular maintenance to keep up that value. Pruning trees on a regular basis ensures that your trees can breathe, that they are safe in hurricanes, and that they are as healthy as possible.

Trimming is similar to getting a much needed haircut that brings out the tree's natural shape. With our tree trimming service, we can help improve the appearance of your trees by chopping down awkward branches and the aesthetic of your environment by eliminating unnecessary limbs. There will be enough sunlight and rain to reach the branches, allowing them to mature and thrive.

Our arborists in Fort Lauderdale have the essential skills and training to trim trees safely and efficiently. Since our inception, we have been providing tree cutting services to Broward County residents and businesses. So, we know and understand that there isn't just one way to trim trees. Different trees require different approaches. And our arborists trim trees to ensure the right techniques are used at all times.

If you need an arborist you can trust, make Fort Lauderdale Tree Service your first call. We will provide the finest possible care for your trees, ensuring that they remain healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

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70 foot bucket truck with commercial arborist in the bucket trimming a large pine tree in Fort Lauderdale FL
A tree surgeon in safety gear uses a chainsaw to trim a branch while secured with ropes in a tree under a blue sky in Fort Lauderdale.

Commercial Tree Trimming Fort Lauderdale

Have a lot of trees? Need regular property maintenance or landscaping?

We have special pricing for our commercial clients. If you are on an HOA or condo association board, or in charge of any kind of commercial property, we would love to work with you!

Commercial pruning can be made affordable for your company, with the help of our commercial client discounts. If you have a lot of trees, hedges and shrubs, or need tree service work done on a regular basis, give us a call! We can offer you very competitive pricing, and top quality commercial tree services in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Broward County.

Call our friendly tree care team, and ask about our commercial tree service discounts!

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Tree Thinning Fort Lauderdale

Whether it's for routine maintenance or emergency services, Fort Lauderdale Tree Service provides timely and dependable tree thinning services.

Our tree care specialists will examine and advise on whether or not crown density reduction is required, how much reduction is required, and when it should be completed. They will thin your trees to increase their health, longevity, and attractiveness.

We remove excess branches and leaves are removed during thinning to ensure that the rest of the tree receives enough sunlight and nutrition. But thinning your tree isn't just a matter of chopping branches. Our tree thinning experts carefully select branches to cut in order to increase the tree's growth rate and overall health.

As bonded and insured tree specialists and arborists, we offer liability protection to give you and your family peace of mind.

Our tree experts are well-versed and educated about both common and uncommon tree species in the area. They've been taught about common tree issues, such as pests and diseases, as well as which species can usually recover from wind damage, extreme rain, or flooding. So, you can trust they guarantee that damaged limbs are carefully removed with minimal impact on neighboring trees and the rest of the property, and branches are thinned securely to promote maximum development.

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Commercial tree trimmer in tree removing some limbs for tree thinning in Fort Lauderdale
A tree surgeon wearing a helmet and harness uses a chainsaw for tree trimming on a large tree in Fort Lauderdale, with sawdust scattering in the air around him.

Tree Pruning Fort Lauderdale

You may think of tree pruning as a way to improve the appearance of your trees. While increased aesthetics is undoubtedly one of the benefits, pruning is primarily a tree health strategy.

Ignoring appropriate trimming procedures might cause irreversible damage to your trees. When you perform pruning incorrectly, you may cause harm to your tree's structural integrity, aesthetics, and overall health.

In addition, pruning a tree at the wrong time of year or over-pruning can result in catastrophic tissue damage. Removing a still-viable branch and its foliage can reduce the tree's ability to provide food. Improper tree cuts can result in sores that invite pests and illnesses.

By creating strong, beautiful, and sustainably healthy trees, professional tree cutting services can help you safeguard these significant landscape assets.

You can protect your investment by entrusting your tree pruning to Fort Lauderdale Tree Service's qualified arborists! Whether you want to hire us for pruning services, have particular concerns about one or more of your trees, or simply want to learn more about our tree care choices, our arborists are here to help.

All you need to do is give us a call, and one of our friendly tree care professionals will tailor a solution to suit your requirements. (954) 280-9495

Tree Topping Fort Lauderdale

Tree topping is most often performed by fly by night tree service companies that are unlicensed. Tree topping is bad practice for most trees, and can result in a damaged, diseased tree.

We can remove height from your tree, by carefully selecting branches, and selectively pruning them. Having a tree completely "topped" is bad practice. That's why it's important to hire a tree service company in Fort Lauderdale that knows their trees.

We have a master arborist certification from the ISA, and always keep up to date with the latest arboriculture procedures and practices.

For a safe tree topping, leave this task to the capable hands of tree care professionals. Our arborists can provide tree topping services that can improve the health and appearance of your tree. Our top main goal is to provide you with tree care solutions and advice that works for you. We're happy to offer clients in Fort Lauderdale the safest tree height reduction.

For reliable tree topping services, trust Fort Lauderdale Tree Services. Our tree care experts will be happy to serve you! Free estimates, always.  (954) 280-9495

Hedge Trimming Fort Lauderdale

Keep your hedge in check with our hedge pruning service! Unruly hedges can devalue your home, but the perfect hedge can create your own natural retreat while complementing the yard's trees, gardens, lawns, and hardscapes.

Hedges can be shaped into fences that line your property when maintained frequently, and there are numerous perennial options that stay green all year.

Unless you're an expert, hedge trimming is a difficult task. With our knowledge, experience, a little arithmetic, and top-notch tools, we'll whip your shrubs into shape.

Regular pruning and trimming back dying or infected twigs and branches, just like with trees, will improve the health of your hedges. We'll also thin the tops and sides of your hedges to make them look their best.

Our skilled crew has been assisting clients all around Fort Lauderdale and nearby areas with tree issues. We do everything, from pruning a homeowner's hedges to giving a thorough arborist assessment and report. We will turn your yard into a secure, well-kept landscape.

Free estimates on all hedge trimming services in Fort Lauderdale. (954) 280-9495

A man wearing a green uniform and protective headphones uses a long-handled hedge trimmer to cut green branches from trees as part of the tree services offered by Fort Lauderdale arborists.

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