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We are a licensed and insured tree service company  with the expertise to complete any tree services in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Broward County, efficiently and safely.

If you’re looking for an arborist to handle your tree trimming, tree removal, hedge trimming, stump grinding, coconut removal, palm tree trimming, or any other tree service, we're the guys for the job.

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Our Most Popular Tree Services in Fort Lauderdale FL

Tree Trimming Service Fort Lauderdale

We are expert tree trimmers in Fort Lauderdale. With our extensive range of equipment, we can handle any sized job. No tree is too big for us! We work to the highest industry standards and with our team of experts, we guarantee perfect results every time.

Our wide range of tree trimming equipment allows to quickly and efficiently handle commercial tree services. If you have more than 10 trees that need trimming or pruning, we can offer you a discounted rate.

There are many benefits to having your trees trimmed. Some of these benefits include:

- Increased sunlight exposure and airflow within the canopy can promote better growth, health, and vigor in the tree's foliage.

- Decreased strain on branches from developing weight. This can help increase branch longevity and reduce the risk of breakage during storms or hurricanes. Which can happen often here in South Florida!

- Improved safety for yourself and others around the tree in the event of a branch failure.

Depending on the species, we always recommend periodic or routine tree trimming to maintain healthy trees, and also shape and train them to your liking.

Bucket truck being used by tree service professionals in Fort Lauderdale FL to trim pine trees

We've worked with all of Broward County's cities and are familiar with their tree trimming restrictions and regulations. If necessary, we can assist you in obtaining a tree-trimming permit as well as help you adhere to your local city legislation. Each city has its own set of regulations - we can handle all city permits in Broward County.

You can't always wait. For urgent or emergency tree services, we are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call if you have any sort of tree problem; we'll send out our skilled staff to promptly and safely solve your issue.

If you need tree trimming in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Broward County, give your local tree pros a call! We provide completely free estimates for any tree service!

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Tree Triming

tree removal

stump Grinding

Tree Removal Company Fort Lauderdale

We provide tree removal to all of Broward County. Our tree removal service is fully insured and comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our professional crew is highly trained in safe, effective practices. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured for all tree service work in Broward and Palm Beach County.

We work quickly to remove trees of any size or type that have become hazardous or pose a danger to people or property. No project is too big or small for our ISA-certified and experienced crew.

Tree cutting can be a dangerous task, even for the most qualified and experienced tree care pro. Always ask your tree removal contractor for their license and insurance information. Make sure that their insurance covers tree removal - as a landscaping insurance policy will not cover you in the event of an accident. We have full insurance for every tree cutting service and will be more than happy to show you our policy.

One of the most common reasons for tree removal is to make room for another structure such as a pool, house, or other outbuildings. Despite popular misconception, removing a large tree can actually be less expensive than trying to save it and having it repeatedly come back with extensive damage done each time.

If you need a tree removed from your yard, no matter the size or species, give us a call! We provide free quotes for all services. We can combine your tree removal quote with a stump grinding quote as well! Ask about or removal and grinding package.

If you are searching for tree removal companies in Fort Lauderdale, look no further.

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Fort Lauderdale Arborist in tree removing limbs one by one for a full tree removal. Located in Fort Lauderdale
Stump grinding machine in action, operated by Fort Lauderdale arborists, removing a tree stump in a wooded area, with wood chips flying around due to the grinding process.

Tree Stump Removal Fort Lauderdale

We also provide stump grinding in Fort Lauderdale. If you've recently had a tree removed, you will probably be left with an unsightly stump. Although seemingly harmless, decaying tree stumps in your yard can attract a number of pests which can pose a hazard to your home and garden.

From mighty oak stumps to soft palm stumps, we have the specialized equipment and trained professionals to get the job done right. We have full insurance for all of our services, so you can have peace of mind knowing your yard is in good hands.

We have the excavation equipment to remove tree roots that have been lifting slabs or driveways and stump grinding equipment to remove even the largest of tree stumps.

If you need stump removal in Broward County, we're the team for the job. We provide free estimates on every stump grinding service.

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Coconut Removal Fort Lauderdale

Coconuts palms can grow up to 70 feet tall. That is plenty of height for a coconut to do some damage if it falls on the wrong thing! The heaviest one ever recorded weighed 42 pounds!

Have your coconuts removed by trained arborsists, before they do any damage to you, your loved ones, or your property.

If you have multiple coconut palms on your property, our coconut removal service will be cheaper than if you only have one. We try to accommodate tree service jobs of all sizes, so whether you have one coconut palm, or 100 coconut trees, get in touch.

We can usually give you a free estimate if you send us a photo. If not, one of our tree care experts in Fort Lauderdale will be more than happy to come out and take a look - free of charge!

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Coconut palm with lots of coconuts ready to be removed by a Fort Lauderdale Arborist
A man wearing a green uniform and protective headphones uses a long-handled hedge trimmer to cut green branches from trees as part of the tree services offered by Fort Lauderdale arborists.

Hedge Trimming Service Fort Lauderdale

We offer hedge trimming for all types of hedges including boxwood, holly, privet, palms and many more.

Regular hedge pruning will enhance the looks of your home or business, as well as provide benefits to the health of your hedge.

By cutting back errant branches that are growing into other areas, you can prevent damage to your property.

We will prune the hedge so that it is not too dense, which could be restricting airflow, or allowing excess water to collect. This makes for an unhealthy hedge - conditions in which diseases are likely to thrive!

We have a team of arborists throughout Broward that are experienced at trimming hedges, shrubs, and bushes of all shapes and sizes.

If you're looking for hedge cutting services in Fort Lauderdale, we can help! Call us today for a free estimate on your hedge trimming service. (954) 280-9495

Tree Fertilization Fort Lauderdale

If you need tree feeding in Fort Lauderdale, we have the goods. Sometimes, you want your tree to thrive and grow faster! This is often true for slow-growing trees like Plumeria. Or troublesome trees like citrus.

Our crew have a keen eye for tree problems of all kinds, and can quickly establish a nutrient deficiency in any species of tree. If you have a troublesome citrus that needs attention, we can help. If you need palm fertilization, we can help.

Palms often need extra love, and when they become deficient in certain nutrients, that's when pests can strike. Avoid pest and fungi issues, by giving your trees a periodic fertilization treatment. Keep them healthy and looking great.

For all your tree fertilizer needs in Fort Lauderdale, call the tree service company that cares - Fort Lauderdale Tree Service.  (954) 280-9495

A close-up of a rubber plant with large, glossy, dark green leaves against a soft, neutral background, photographed by Fort Lauderdale arborists.

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We're local, qualified, and know our stuff when it comes to tree services in South Florida. If you need any kind of tree service in Broward County, we're the crew for the job.

We serve all cities in Broward County, that means:

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Commercial, residential, or industrial, we have the experience and manpower to handle any sized tree or landscaping in Broward County.

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